Dog physio treatments

Physiotherapy assessments and treatments for horses, pets and their owners.

Many horses and pets are insured; many of these policies also cover the animal for physiotherapy treatment if carried out by an ACPAT-registered Vet Physio.

Please check your animal’s policy or contact your insurance provider for further information to see if your policy allows you to claim back treatment costs.

NB. Travel costs to your home or yard are extra for distances of greater than 5 miles return from the physio home-base. For journeys over this distance, a cost of 50p per mile will be added.

However, if you (or a friend) have more than one animal to treat at a specific location and all are seen at one time, the travel cost will be divided between them.

Initial assessment for horses/ pets: £50                  Follow-up treatment: £45

Initial assessment for people: £55.                          Follow-up treatment: £50

Either cash, BACs or cheques are accepted (unfortunately, not cards); payment should be made at the time of each appointment.

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