dogs and pets

Offering a quality, mobile physiotherapy service in Devon, providing assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for you and your animals in your own home or yard.

Physio for small animals

Is your pet….

  • stiff after his walk or first thing in the morning?
  • recovering from an injury or has he just had an operation?
  • struggling to achieve previous levels of performance in agility or at work?
  • unable to jump into the car or get up from lying?
  • suffering from arthritis or old age which is affecting his quality of life?
  • overweight and struggling to cope with his day-to-day activities?
  • showing changes in behaviour which may be due to pain?

Are you…

  • having trouble coping with an elderly pet?
  • unsure how to avoid your pet hurting himself further following injury or surgery?
  • in need of help to manage an overweight dog and safely manage his exercise levels?

If the above describe your pet or situation, find out more small animal information.

Physiotherapy for horse and rider

Is your horse …

  • suffering from an injury?
  • stiff or sore in his back?
  • resentful of being saddled?
  • elderly or does he have arthritis?
  • performing poorly?
  • being unusually naughty or uncooperative?

Are you…

  • stiff, inflexible or unfit?
  • weak in your core muscles?
  • one-sided or uneven when you are riding/
  • inadvertently affecting your’s horse’s movement and way of going and perhaps causing him to have a sore back?

If the above describes you or your horse, find out more horse and rider information.

Physiotherapy information for vets

For vets:
  • are you wondering how physio can help you to achieve a better outcome for your patient?
  • Are you unsure what physio can offer post-surgery?
  • Do you want to improve owner compliance following an injury or surgery?
  • Do you want to implement a conservative treatment plan and would like to find out how physio might help lead to a successful outcome?
  • Are you wondering whether early physio intervention following an injury or surgery could be as beneficial for your animal patient as it has shown to be in the human patient?
Find out more information for vets Note;- veterinary physiotherapist’s require your vet’s referral prior to treatment. If you think your animal could benefit from physio please ask your vet for referral – download the vet referral form here.

Physiotherapy benefits in the human and in the animal

Physiotherapy in the human field is a well-established profession used in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal or neurological problems. It is beneficial following injury or surgery, or for the treatment of painful or long-term conditions and can help to re-establish normal strength, movement patterns and daily activity. It is normal procedure for doctors and surgeons to refer their patients for physio or for people with sports injuries or longer term conditions to seek physiotherapy advice. If you feel that physiotherapy may help you or if you have any queries concerning how it could be of benefit, please get in touch to discuss this further.

Physiotherapy in the veterinary world

Physiotherapy in the veterinary field is a slowly expanding profession – in some areas, such as in small animal referral hospitals and for equine athletes, it is becoming more common place for animals to be referred on to physiotherapists by their vets, in others it is still relatively uncommon. As more complicated and life-saving surgeries are performed, physio is highly beneficial, working alongside conventional veterinary medicine, to aid healing, manage pain and help return an animal to normal activity and a good quality of life. It can help a vet to achieve a better outcome for their patient and help an owner to manage their animal’s condition with specific treatment, advice and education. The animal’s welfare is the common goal of owner, physiotherapist and veterinary surgeon and a team approach where all three are involved in an animal’s treatment can lead to the best results.

When a physio treats an animal, it is essential that the owner gains veterinary referral – this is a legal requirement. If you feel that physiotherapy would benefit your animal, please speak to your vet. If he or she is unsure of what physiotherapy can offer, please refer them to the dedicated vet page included in these pages or ask them to contact me for further details.